A New Adventure

We’ve quit our jobs, we’re storing our belongings, and we’re renting out our house. We are joining The Peace Corps!!! We will spend the next 2 years living in Namibia, Africa! It has been a goal of ours for many years to live and work overseas and we can hardly believe our dream is now coming true.

Namibia borders South Africa, and is known for its spectacular beauty, national parks and wildlife.

Lisa will teach English as a Second language, and Josh will work in NGO/business advising.

Cultural exchange is one of the goals of Peace Corps so we hope you’ll join us on our adventure in some way, either virtually or in-person. You can follow our blog here and we hope to document our journey on other social media sites as well.



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4 responses to “A New Adventure

  1. Pepe&Dora

    Hi!!! We can’t wait to read more about your adventures:) If you can post a picture of any bug eating for Pepe’s that would be great, tk

  2. isobella

    yaya good sorce

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