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We are really in Namibia…

Kavango River view

View of the Kavango River from Rundu

…since our blog has not been updated in months you might not have known. Well we are very bad bloggers, but if we have time we might try to go back and write a bit about our Pre-Service Training (PST) experience. We have been very, very busy with the two months of training, moving to the Kavango Region, meeting many new people and starting our jobs. In Okahandja, where we did our training, we did not have very frequent access to the internet and we were focused on many other non-blog things.

Our goal will be to post a couple of times a month. One idea that we really liked from another blog is to interview people here so we canĀ  share Namibian stories told in their own words. It does help that English is the official language of Namibia! We have started lessons again in Rukwangali which is one of the many local languages spoken here in Kavango.

For the next two years, we will be located in the city of Rundu, which is the capital of the Kavango Region (soon to be redistricted into the Kavango East Region). There were two Peace Corps Volunteers already living and working in Rundu (part of Group 34), and they made our transition much easier as we were introduced to many locals here and presented with multiple opportunities to help out with secondary projects.

Rundu is a town of 60,000 (we have heard as high as 80,000) and is the “shopping town” for much of the Kavango region. It has grocery stores, river lodges, furniture and clothing stores and a covered market all in a central commercial district.

Lisa is working at a school as an English teacher and Josh is working for an organization that provides vocational training to people of all ages, but mainly youth (youth in Namibia is considered under 35). We will post more soon, but we are doing great – making friends, settling into our jobs and staying very healthy.


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