Reinvigorating our Blog – Learner of the Week

Introducing – the Learner of the Week!!!
There’s a few reasons why our blog hasn’t been updated in a year. 😦 1. Finding time here has been difficult. As if you didn’t know, teaching is very time consuming. ;)- Small snippets on FB have proven much easier to share about life here because also 2. My time in front of a computer is very limited.

3. When I have attempted to write something long, I have agonized over what I’m saying because I am concerned about possibly saying things that may be perceived as culturally insensitive. Writing is a long process to begin with for me, and that added stress didn’t motivate me to blog.

All that being said, I’m attempting to re-energize the blog. 🙂 I’ve started a Learner of the Week program in my classes. Learners win a chance to take a prize from the American prize pack (which contains goodies sent from friends and fam in the USA) or a pen and pencil. If they choose they can also fill out an interview sheet where I’ll post their photo and information on our blog. I’d like for them to tell you about their life and their country, instead of me doing it.

Let me know if you have any questions you’d be interested to know from my learners and I’ll add it to the form.

I’ve posted 3 of the 5 Learners of the Week from last week, Isabella, Ebben and Anderson. They are great learners who inspire me daily. Hope you enjoy!


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