Absenteeism in Namibian Schools

On any given day in any given week, I have between 10-20 learners missing in my classes. It makes it teaching and giving grades challenging. Grade 11 learner Moerisha J. //Hoeses sheds light on the problem. (the // in her name are pronounced as clicks).

Absenteeism is a problem in Namibian schools

By Moerisha J. //Hoeses

Each and every learner can be absent from school when sick, having a long-term illness or an appointment. Health is more important than school, however, it becomes a problem when a learner is continuously absent and not performing well academically.

When a learner stops attending school he/she tends to fail due to missing out valuable lessons given by teachers. Teachers are the people who shape learner’s lives. Teachers are there to explain to learners and to teach them what they cannot do on their own. For this reason getting an explanation from a teacher is very crucial.

Absensteeism leads to failure of learners in Namibian schools. African parents can also take the blame for the absenteeism catastrophe. Children at home are given alternatives, whether to stay at home, wash dishes, get a job or go to school with a hungry stomach because money is used for school fees. Instead of being inspiring, innovative and encouraging, they are deceptive and heinous.

Absenteeism increases the risk of dropouts and more criminal activities and behaviour. Catching up in school isn’t easy.

In conclusion, absenteeism is a bad habit that has to be stopped and dealt with. To many poor African kids it’s not their problem for not going to school as they are given impossible alternatives by their parents. As we all know the saying “education is the key to success”. Attending school is very important and crucial for success.


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