Discipline Needed in Namibia by Keanda Forbes, Grade 11

Overcrowded schools and overworked teachers are just two of the reasons discipline is a challenge in Namibia. Keanda describes her ideas to help improve the problem.

Discipline Systems at Namibian Schools

By Keanda Forbes

What is discipline? This is a form or way in which a certain individual behaves due to their well-trained characteristics. Personally, I value discipline because it brings peace and understanding between people. The only problem is not everyone is disciplined.

The discipline at our school is lacking so much that is actually feels like it has no presence at our school. Learners walk around with shirts untucked and play soccer during periods, disturbing the learners who actually want to learn. These disrespectful acts made by learners is a clear sign that discipline is a huge problem. The benefits of having a discipline plan in place would be appreciated by learners. Some of the benefits include job opportunities and respect.

As bad as it may seem, it is possible to improve discipline among learners. The first would have to be group conference. Gathering a few number of learners and advising them to help set up activities to help others. Disciplinary camps can be set up to motivate learners to improve.


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