Why I’m Proud to be Namibian by Ernestine Nkotongo, Grade 9

Learners were asked to write an essay of 200-250 words describing why they are proud to be Namibian.

Proudly Namibian

By Ernestine Nkotongo

I am proud of Namibia because I feel safe and Namibia is my home. My ancestors were born here, raised here and also died here. This land is the foundation of my tribe I will always be proud to be Namibian.


I am proud of Namibia because we have our rights. Our heroes fought for our independence and we are not a democratic country, our rights are protected by the law. The fact that every Namibian child has the right to go to school makes me proud too. Other countries do not have this freedom.

Natural Beauty

Namibia is the land of the brave and it is very beautiful. The landscaps, the dunes, the rivers, the animals and the ocean are incredible. We have the most wild animals in Africa.


We have the perfect climate. It rains in the rainy season and that is important because people need water for farming. It is cold in winter and warm in the summer. Flowers blossom in the spring.

Cultural achievements

Namibia’s history is very interesting and if you study too much of it you might want revenge because of the injustice against the people of Namibia. Instead we forgive, but we will never forget. Our tribes are different from each other. Each tribe has special food dishes and beliefs and values.

Namibia’s progress

Namibia has open space. This means we will be able to build new schools and hospitals eventually. Namibia is developing step by steph.

“One nation one Namibia” it comes from the middle point of my heart.



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2 responses to “Why I’m Proud to be Namibian by Ernestine Nkotongo, Grade 9

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  2. Alex Ebstein

    well done this is a wonderful piece of scripture!!!

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