Learner’s Essays

Namibia the Land of the Brave

By Ebben Ndatipo

The most wonderful thing about Namibia is its beautiful, gracious and remarkable people of its nation. Namibia is a home to many tribes like a rainbow. Namibia has many different tribes with different cultures and beliefs.

Namibia is divided into fourteen rich regions with many rich natural fresh clean water. Our fertile soil has natural vegetation and minerals. You can find diamonds, copper, silver, gold and uranium in Namibia.

Namibia is known to have the oldest deserts, the Namib and Kalahari desert. Namibia is a developing country, meaning it is the process of developing. We depend mostly on agriculture and imported products. Namibia exports salt and fish which makes a very large profit.

Namibia is a beautiful country with a lot of towns and natural resources. It has one of the best brewing companies. It has a very fair constitution. I am proud to be Oshiwambo-speaking and I have many reasons to be a proud Namibian.

My Idea of a Good Life

By Joy Naweses

My idea of a good life will probably sound weird when I tell you but let me just tell you. Well it’s to live a life as a vampire, but not just any type of vampire. I will be an extraordinary vampire with a little twist.

To be a vampire will fill your life with excitement, adventure, drama, heartbreak and romance until something terrible and unexpected happens. On the night of a full moon I felt the urge for blood and immediately I went hunting for my prey.

For a moment I lost my mind but during daylight I lost control of myself. That’s when I saw it. They say vampires can not see their reflection but this time I did. If only others saw what I saw will die immediately on the spot. The teeth, eyes, ears, skin and nails were so amazing and terrifying at the same time.


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