Grade 11 Learner of the Week – Aynike’ Tuney Chandey Forbes


Aynike Forbes, 17 years old

What is your tribe/mother tongue?

Afrikaans, Baster

What is your favourite thing about school?

Every year or day that you come back to school, there are new adventures and opportunities waiting for you.

Who lives with you at your house? What are some of the chores you have to do at home?

My mom, dad and 2 brothers. Cleaning the kitchen but mostly cooking.

What would you like people in America to know about your country, Namibia?

My country is one of the most attractive places when it comes to wildlife.

What are some of your goals and dreams? What do you want to be when you grow up?

My goal is to finish my grade 12 with good results. I would like to become a pathologist.

What is your favourite food in your culture and why?

I don’t really like the food in my culture but I love our bread called “Rooster brood.” It is served with a lot of butter.

What do you think has made Namibia a better place and why?

In my opinion it’s the fact that we have volunteer teachers. We learn so much from them. We learn extraordinary things from them. Like Mrs. Shusko she taught us so much. We are now better than the higher level grade 11 English. We are called Ordinary Level but she calls us Extraordinary Level.


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