Learner’s Essays

Proudly Namibian

By Clem Strydom

There are many things in Namibia that I can be proud of but mainly I’m most proud that there is no war in Namibia. Namibia has a lot of natural resources and wild animals. We also have mines which bring in money for the country. We also export and import fish.

Namibia has a wide range of wild animals but as years go most of the animals with vulnerable features are being poached. The government has trained people to protect the animals from the poachers. As for Namibians climate it is the most wonderful with a sunset view.

People all over the world come to Namibia to see our customs and religion. Namibia is a beautiful country. Namibians are kind and will always welcome outsiders with a warm heart.

Namibia has a lot of natural vegetation, our soil is very fertile.

That’s all I know about Namibia.

Proudly Namibian

By Faith Naweses

I’m a proud Namibian because of the fact that Namibia is an independent country. Well I know that Namibia doesn’t have huge buildings and not top quality education, but for what it’s worth I don’t really mind. Just think if we had big buildings and factories everywhere and technology growing everyday, there would be air pollution, lazy people because they rely too much on technology and over population.

My favourite place in Namibia is the Dunes. It’s situated at the road going out of Swakopmund, going to Walvis Bay, just in the middle there. I like sitting on the dunes and watching the sunset across the road where the beautiful blue ocean is.

Namibia is a beautiful country with soothing nature, pleasant smells of fresh air in the morning and the warm feeling of sunrays on your skin. When you’re going to different places in Namibia you get to experience different amazing cultures.

Even though I love my country, I still want to travel out of Namibia and live somewhere else one day.

Proudly Namibian

By Ronaldine Shikukutu

I am proudly Namibian because Namibia is a country with so much to appreciate, from the beauty of the land, the friendly people, the unpolluted air and developed infrastructure.

I was born and raised in Namibia. I like it because it is a peaceful country, and also because we are free from colonial rule. I like the fact that our government is trying so hard to make sure that everyone is educated. This is not the case with other countries. Children do not go to school because of wars and natural disasters.

I am proudly Namibian because I love the air, space, nature and oceans. In Namibia we have freedom of speech. When people come to Namibia they enjoy their stay because of the wild animals, people and delicious traditional dishes.

My Idea of a Good Life

By Victor Naweseb

A good life is a healthy and positive life. It is when you have time for yourself and time to exercise and socialize. To be young, wild and free.

If you have a good life you are independent. You own your own house and car. You don’t struggle in life. I would like to go on wild expeditions, travelling the world with either a best friend or girlfriend/wife. Well I would also like to have a child but later on in life.

I want to start my own business, for example a shopping mall, manufacturing company or a lodge. I want to help my family live happily on a great living standard. So if I own all these businesses I’ll employ my family and make it a family business.

To be famous is not what I want, I’d rather choose to be well-known. I just want to be me at all times. I also want less responsibilities. That is my idea of a good life.

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