Learners Essays

Proudly Namibian

By Caroline Tokwe Grade 8

Namibians have all got different ways of viewing things. Our beliefs and culture is what makes us unique. The way we shall strive for justice and peace makes us proud. What makes me proud is the vast landscape and beauty of our magnificent land.

We have different religions and come from many different cultural background but we stand by each other like brothers and sisters. Our ability to conserve and protect our natural resources and wild life so that the children of tomorrow can see what we have seen makes us special and even more proud.

What we can make from the dry branches of a tree and from pieces of wire is astounding. Our ability to come together as a nation and make a better tomorrow for our future generations. The long hours of labor and sacrifice we put in to develop our country’s economy.

The ability to change for the better of ourselves and those in our surroundings. How we protect the things that have sentimental value to us and all the little things that make us unite as one big family.

There are many things that make me proud to be a Namibian, even more than what I have written.

My Idea of a Good Life

By Julia Tchipondia Grade 8

A good life for me is having food in my stomach everyday and sleeping in a warm bed everynight.

I am thankful for the little things in life but I also want a car and a house with a pool and lots of nice tables and chairs. All the nice things are nice but money with no love is not worth anything. The good life is when you are healthy and you can play every day.

It is not full of sadness, anger or stress but smiles and happiness every day.

A good life has no problems, sickness and is full of food and love. If you have this every day is a good day, no matter rain, sun or wind.


Essay Exam question was: The Old and the New – While it is important to accept change, we should not entirely reject old customs and new ways. What are your views? Discuss at least two customs/traditions/lifestyles which you feel should be retained and two which you feel should be rejected or changed.

The Old and the New

By Anderson Francisco Grade 8

My views are that we should not entirely reject some old customs and old ways. Old customs and ways can help us survive life in the wild or city.

I really think customs like marrying more than one partner, women staying at home and not working and early marriage must be rejected. As we speak new diseases are infecting and killing people. These customs cause the diseases to spread faster.

The customs I think that should be maintained are boys and men doing manual labor like taking care of cattle, chickens, etc. I also think traditional ways of storing food should be retained. The way we used to store food, food would last up to 1-2 months and still be fresh.


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