Birding on the Kavango River part 2

More birds near Nunda River Lodge on the Kavango River. Most of these were taken from a boat tour. Lisa recommends the sunset cruises (even in the morning).


African darter

African darter. Also called snakebird for its long neck and straight bill.

white-breasted cormorant

White-breasted cormorant. Very large feet help to distinguish this bird. I think this one is a juvenile due to it having more white on its body.

Little bee-eater

Little bee-eater. Colorful bird commonly found along the Kavango River in Namibia.

white-fronted bee-eater

White-fronted bee-eater. An even more colorful bee eater. These birds were very close to one another during our river boat tour.

African pied wagtail

African pied wagtail. “Pied” just means black and white. when it comes to birds and this wagtail is a fine example.

southern black flycatcher

Southern black flycatcher. Hmm or in another photo it does look a bit more iridescent so this might be a variety of starling.

comb duck

Comb duck. This is a female comb duck so it it lacking the large “comb” on the bill that gives the duck its name.

white-faced duck

White-faced duck. We caught this one in mid-flight, but its head is visible enough to easily identify. No other duck in Namibia has a similar head coloring. A female comb duck is to the right.



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