Birding in Chobe National Park, Part 2

Here are some more birds from our 3 day, 2 night trip to Chobe National Park in Botswana.


Osprey. Slightly smaller than a fish eagle with a broad eye-stripe that wraps around to the back of its head.

giant kingfisher

Giant kingfisher. Much larger than all other kingfishers in the region. This bird has a speckled body and a rufous chest.

great egret

Great egret. The largest white egret. Very similar to the yellow-billed egret, but the legs are completely dark in color. A large monitor lizard is visible in the background.

little egret

Little egret. Not entirely sure that my identifications of these egrets are correct. Unfortunately the telltale bright yellow feet of this species are not visible here.

red-billed oxpecker

Red-billed oxpecker. These birds eat the ticks and other parasites of large animals. This bird has a prime spot on a cape buffalo. This variety of oxpecker is considered near-threatened.

yellow-billed oxpecker

Yellow-billed oxpecker. This diseased giraffe’s parasites were prime feeding grounds for both variety of oxpeckers. The yellow-billed variety can be distinguished by the partly yellow bill and by the lack of a yellow ring around the eye.

lilac-breasted roller

Lilac-breasted roller. Commonly seen on safaris in southern Africa. Very strikingly colorful bird, especially in flight.

Swainson's spurfowl

Swainson’s spurfowl. Prefers grassland near water. The dark legs distinguish it from the the red-necked spurfowl.

red-billed hornbill

Red-billed hornbill. This is a common resident, one of many varieties of hornbills in southern Africa.

blue waxbill

Blue waxbill. Common resident bird found in flocks during the non-breeding season. We saw a couple of these birds during a bathroom break from our safari drive. You always have to have your camera ready in Chobe!


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