Other wildlife of Chobe National Park

Some more photos from our amazing trip to Chobe National Park in early January:

This female lion seemed very peaceful even with our safari vehicle only about 10 meters away. Everyone was busy taking photos (I think I took about 200 of this particular lion.)

female lion

Suddenly, the lion lept to its feet and I thought it might charge the vehicle, but it headed into the trees. Even though our cranky tour guide tried to blame it on someone making a sudden movement, I had a good view of everyone and no one did anything that I could see. A reflection of a camera lens or something else might have spooked her, but it was a good reminder that even thought these animals are used to tourists, they can be unpredictable. We came back a short time later and found her again on the dirt track, peacefully resting.

Chobe is famous for its elephants and they were found in great numbers all over the park. This one was cooling off in some mud along the banks of the Chobe River.


Most of the hippos you see are halfway or fully submerged in water so it is a treat to see them on land.


The red lechwe is a species of antelope that is only found in habitats with plenty of water such as Chobe National Park or the Okavango Delta.

red lechwe

This group of banded mongoose was right on the dirt track as we made our way back to the area where we had spotted a leopard the day before.

banded mongoose

The cape buffalo is a massive animal. We saw a large bull buffalo chase a lion away from a giraffe kill.

cape buffalo

A small herd of female kudu.

A large monitor lizard we viewed from our boat tour into Chobe National Park.

monitor lizard

This female baboon was carrying her little one. Large troops of baboons are frequently seen inside Chobe National Park as well as close to urban areas.

baboon with baby


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