The Cost of Groceries Part 2

I did another grocery store run to get some other essentials and thought I’d do a follow up to my first grocery store post. The total cost for this store run was $356.

All prices are in Nam and rounded up to the nearest dollar. About one American dollar yields ten Namibian dollars:

  • Doritos – the Dorito labels here look the same as home but don’t be fooled – the flavors are different. The cheese supreme is the closest one to tasting like the one from home. You can only find tortilla chips in the capital so if we make Guacamole we use the cheese supreme Doritos to dip them in. Sounds kinda gross but I’ve grown to love it. $21
  • Good coffee- South African made. Medium Roast ground. This will last us about 3-4 months for fresh French press coffee on the weekends and the occasional weekday. It is worth the splurge. $85.
  • Bag of chicken breasts – More expensive than the chicken pieces but sometimes you don’t want to deal with bones. $83.
  • Bag of sweet potatoes – $25
  • 18 large eggs – $40
  • 2 avocadoes – $41. You can find these cheaper in some stores but they are also still hard to find. But I’m so glad we can find these here b/c I love them, and they are cheaper in certain seasons.
  • Premium Windhoek Lager, 750 ml – $14. Yep, $14, which is $1.40 American, not even $2 American dollars! Some cool drinks (sodas) here are more expensive than beer b/c the beer isn’t imported. It’s still startling to pay $17 for an Appletzier (a South African cool drink) and $14 for a beer!
  • Mama’s cold powder wash – We use this detergent to hand wash our clothes. This 2 kg bag will likely last us til the end of service in July. $52

On my walk to the grocery story I ran into 3 of my learners, at the wine store I ran into a learner’s mom, and then on the taxi ride home the Taxi driver and other passenger were grilling me about how they could get visa’s to live in the United States. “GEORGIA! NEW YORK CITY! We’ll come visit you!” : ) Pretty typical afternoon of errands.




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