Our trip to Victoria Falls

We traveled to Victoria Falls in early January. It definitely lived up to our expectations! The Zambezi River gets very wide here and the falls cover a large section of the sheer cliff. These are some of the views from the Zambian side. We hope to check out the falls from the Zimbabwe side in May which should be close to peak time in terms of water volume.

victoria falls with rainbow

Beautiful rainbow created by all of the mist at the falls

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls view from trail.

Victoria Falls

Lisa and Josh along one of trails overlooking Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls

I tried to use a slow shutter speed here which was difficult on a sunny day but you can sort of get the effect.

Victoria Falls bridge

Victoria Falls foot bridge

Devil's pool

For some reason we decided to sit on the edge of Victoria’s Falls. This involved swimming a bit along the top of the falls until we got to Devil’s Pool. Don’t worry, it was guided. And I’m pretty sure they refund your money if you go over the edge of the falls.



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7 responses to “Our trip to Victoria Falls

  1. You live really the good life!

    • lisashusko

      🙂 So glad we got to meet and spend time with you at Vic Falls Albert! You didn’t look scared at all during these shenanigans 🙂

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