Reader of the Week – Uyama Uaisako


Uyama Uaisako, Library Prefect, Grade 8, 13 years old

Mother tongue – Herero

What do you love about books?

Books make me feel like I’m watching television, only this television is good for me. When I read I can imagine the most amazing things about the story. It’s fantastic!

What is your favourite book or author and why?

My favourite author is Frank Perreti. He is amazing because he reminds us about life lessons with a little scary stuff in his stories.

What inspires or interests you to read books?

When I pick a book I know that I can learn something from each book that I read. Books help us with lessons, information and more.

What kind of books do you like to read and why?

Fiction. Fiction is all about imaginary things that you can make up from your head. All the colours and things that you want come alive in fiction.

What do you want people in America to know about Namibia?

People in America think of African countries as dry, dirty and very black. But Namibia is an amazing place with colours, love and amazing features that will make you want to marry this wonderful land.

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One response to “Reader of the Week – Uyama Uaisako

  1. Kathy Pigott

    This is a great glimpse of the people,learners,and occupations of life in Namibia from baby carriers to the drink of the month. Bravo to Lisa and Josh.I would like to travel to Namibia.

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