Reader of the Week – Stephanie Steyn


Stephanie Steyn, Library Prefect, Grade 12, 17 years old

Mother Tongue: English

Tribe/Cultural Background: Afrikaner and Indian

What do you love about books?

Books give me an opportunity to see things in a different perspective. They also allow me to learn new things.

What is your favourite book or author and why?

My favourite book is Guardian Angel. I like this book because it portrays an example of what a true friend really is. It also portrays great values.

What inspires or interests you to read books?

Books are like a door to another life. They allow you to live your life and the life of the main characters at the same time.

What kind of books do you like to read and why?

I mostly like reading drama, romance and horror boks. They teach me new ways to overcome my fears.

What do you want people in America to know about Namibia?

Namibia is a very beautiful country. It may not be very developed, but it is one of the few clean countries in Africa, and it has some of the best people someone would ever want to know.

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