Rupara Village Life

While conducting the Haingura Abercross business training, I stayed in my counterpart’s homestead which was near to the training site. Here are some photos of my experiences in the village.

Rupara homestead

I love the big trees in the middle of the homestead providing shade and sometimes food, depending on the type.

fish and pap dinner

My tasty dinner of  river fish and mahangu pap (Millet porridge).

shebeen and oxen

My colleague’s family owns and operates this shebeen next to their homestead.

Rupara kids

Great smiles from the kids at the homestead housing the Haingura Abercross project.

village sunset

Amazing village sunset taken with my phone.

another sunset

The same night’s sunset but this was taken with my Canon SLR.

Kavango River fishing

A group of men fishing on the Kavango River with traditional makuro canoes in the foreground.

Boy with oxen

A boy with his oxen at the Haingura Abercross homestead.

Rupara goats

Typical village landscape with goats.

Kavango River hippo

This hippo was in the Kavango River near the old mission in Rupara. On a separate night, I accidentally took a quick bath in the river with a hippo floating on the other side. I didn’t realize it was there until I was already out drying off and it started grunting.


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