Marula juice and cider making, part 2

marula cider bucket

The finished product of marula cider!

In my first post on marula juice making, I identified some of the issues with fruit fly larvae in the actual marula fruit. Since that post, I processed one more batch of marula fruit, yielding about 2.5 liters of juice. I added about a 0.5 L of water and a bit of sugar. The juice then rested in a bucket at room temperature and fermented for one week. Even though the lid was on, the aroma of fermenting juice attracted fruit flies to my kitchen. I belatedly moved the bucket outside, but I am still stuck with a fruit fly horde in the house.

marula cider glass

Marula cider served in a glass made from a beer bottle. A future blog post will document this bottle cutting process.

After about five days, the top of the cider was covered with a thick layer of foam that we removed, and then we sampled the cider. It is very similar in taste to regular marula juice which makes me think that the alcohol content is probably pretty low. (After another two days, the alcohol taste was stronger). Besides the fruit fly issues, I consider this to be a success! It was a lot of work to juice the marula initially, but then it just did its thing fermenting in the bucket. It was a good experience to see the effort involved throughout the process of making a traditional Owambo beverage. I’m going to share this juice making production (not the cider brewing) as an example to my COSDEC business club of a way to use free resources that are all around us to generate a bit of income.

marula cider cheers

A Namily cheers to successful traditional beverage making!

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