A frog in the plumbing

One of the many exciting moments in my parent’s visit to Namibia in December occurred when we finally made it to Rundu from Erindi Game Reserve. As Peace Corps Namibia Volunteers based in a town, we are lucky enough to have running water and a flush toilet, but the plumbing set-up is a bit different. I warned my dad before he used the bathroom in our flat that he would have to turn the valve on to fill the tank for each use, but I was not prepared to hear him say, “Josh, there’s a frog in the toilet!”

frog in toilet

A beautiful spotted frog!

I wish I could say that this was the first time it happened, but Lisa also got to experience another unwanted amphibian in the bathroom once when I was away and luckily a neighbor came to her aid. This time I was going to have to handle it myself, so armed with a serving spoon and pot, I scooped the frog out and put a lid on the pot.

frog in pot

Catch and release for this frog

Even though frog is a traditional food for some Kavangos, I thought it best to catch and release this guy since it had been marinating in our toilet and before that the Noordgrens sewer system. Don’t worry, we washed the pot before we used it the next day to make potato salad!

frog rescue

A long hop to freedom



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2 responses to “A frog in the plumbing

  1. Love Africa! I wished i could join the Peace Corps!

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