Three months to go!

Our Peace Corps Service in Namibia has now entered its final three months with our Close of Service date scheduled to be July 17. It is hard to believe time has gone so fast. We would normally be departing in September, but due to changes in Peace Corps Namibia intakes to combine Health and CED (Community Economic Development) volunteers, most of the CED volunteers from Group 38 get to depart two months early.

kavango river sunset

We will miss sharing sunsets and sun-downers with our friends at Kavango River Lodge. This view is just a short walk from our flat.

We are looking forward to traveling and returning to all of the comforts of life in a developed country, but we are sad to leave friends and colleagues behind (as well as the animals of Rundu). You may have noticed that we have been much better bloggers lately. We realize that time is against us and have been working hard to try to capture as many highlights and activities as possible to share a record of our experiences here.

josh with trainee

A COSDEC trainee from my latest entrepreneurship class. I’ll miss this guy!

It is a good time to reflect back on more than a year-and-a-half of service and figure out some of our post-Peace Corps plans, which includes a pretty big trip around Africa and Southeast Asia! It has been a challenging two years for us personally as well as for the greater Peace Corps Namibia community. Two volunteers died during our service here, which is very tragic for their families and rare for a post to have to face.

I definitely learned a good deal about a very different culture and business environment. Personally, it has given me the courage to start my own business someday soon, since I have worked with Namibians who lack basic business knowledge and who have to work through much more adversity than I would with all of my resources in the U.S. They are able to start businesses and make them succeed in a place where 50% of the population lives on less than $2 a day.



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