Chapter 31 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

At the end of last term, one group of learners decided to write instead of sing or draw about Charlie. They wrote Chapter 31 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (there are 30 chapters in the book).

This chapter was written by my highest performing and best writer in grade 8. Some of the sophisticated vocabulary words were words my learners were tested on each week when we had spelling tests every Friday.

Chapter 31 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Written by Caorline Tokwe. Ideas by Jeremiah, Genevive, Caroline, Gabriela, Christofina, Abigail K and Regina.

It didn’t take long for Charlie, his parents, grandparents, Mr. Wonka and the oompa loompas to adapt to the Chocolate Factory and call it home.

They had a very settled life and spent Christmas donating sweets and candy to the homeless. After Charlie turned 15 Grandma Georgina and Grandpa George had to live in an old age home. Grandpa Jo and Grandma Josephine were old too but they could still do a little work. Soon Mr. Wonka fell ill as well. Mr. and Mrs. Bucket opened a café called The Chocolate River where they sold the best and freshest chocolate from the river in the factory as well as Mr. Wonka’s famous chocolate bars.

Although life was splendid, there were times that Charlie feared that it would not be long before his beloved grandparents and the man he had learned to love and admire the most were soon to fade away.

All these thoughts made Charlie think about making a type of candy so wonderful that it could help old people regain their strength. Mr. Wonka was astounded by this idea but unfortunately could not live to see this magnificent invention start to shape. Mr. Wonka passed on not too long before Charlie began working on this. But before leaving the world, he gave Charlie the name for this candy – the Revitalizor Sweet.

Mr. Wonka was buried in a coffin made from the strongest and hardest type of candy. They had a great ceremony to honor his memory.

After months of working, Charlie had almost finished making Revitalizor. He just needed one more ingredient and this was only to be found on the Island of Red Leaves.

Charlie went to this mysterious island with two of his oompa loompas. Upon arrival it seemed like a peaceful place until they noticed a strange object swinging from the vines. Eventually Charlie noticed that it was a girl swinging.

Charlie was frightened, flabbergasted more than he had ever been. They exchanged greetings and explained his strange arrival to this weird island of isolation. The girl, Tygres, asked how she could accompany him on his journey.

Charlie explained what he was looking for and lucky for him she knew just where to find it. After Charlie took the quantity he needed, he felt like it was his responsibility to take this Tygres with him. He didn’t want to leave her with the tigers. After a few minutes of convincing she agreed to come with him.

The two oompa loompas, Charlie and Tygres went back to the Chocolate Factory. Charlie finished his invention which allowed for old people to regain their strength. After awhile Charlie and Tygres fell in love. Together they carried out many more successful inventions like sweets that make you fall asleep and many more. They lived happily ever after.


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