The weather in Rundu, Namibia

What if someone told you that the weather at your Peace Corps site would be sunny with low humidity and with daytime temperatures in the 80’s°F (about 28°C) and nights in the 50’s°F (about 12°C)? Pretty perfect, right? That is one great benefit about being placed in Rundu in Kavango East region because that is the typical daily forecast in the winter months (May to August).

This is not to say that everything is perfect here in Rundu. The dry conditions mean that dust and sand are everywhere, and many people burn their trash and brush so often there is also a haze of smoke in the air.

Rundu weather 10 day forecast

The weather here in the dry season is very consistent!

In the summer, temperatures can often exceed 100°F (38°C) with the annual rainy season usually beginning in December and lasting until March. This year was very dry and many crops failed. The inconsistent rainfall we receive is one reason why Namibia has been primarily used for livestock in terms of agriculture.

During a normal rainy season, it might rain for a week straight at times. This weather pattern makes it difficult to do things like hang laundry to dry on our clothesline outside. The end of the rainy season can also get a little cold, especially now that we are used to a very warm climate. No one here has a heater, but we just bundle up a bit and by mid-morning the sun usually warms things up. Namibians consider a cloudy rainy day to be a beautiful day. Rain is needed for crops and provides a relief from the strong sun. 

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