Learner of the Week – Fransiska Kandjimi

Fransiska or “Cece” for short, was awarded Learner of the Week for her great behavior improvement since the beginning of the year. She’s a smart, dedicated learner and now her behavior in class matches her academic commitment.

Fransiska Kandjimi, Grade 8, 14 years old

Mother tongue/tribe: Portuguese

How long does it take you to walk to school?

30 minutes

What is your favourite thing about school?

The library.

How many languages do you speak?


Where in the world would you visit if you could and why?

The United States of America

Who lives with you at your house? What are some of the chores you have to do at home?

I live with my mother, father and 3 brothers. I clean the house, cook and water the plants.

What is your favorite thing about Namibia?

Free education – everyone goes to school for free and it is a free country.

What would you like people in America to know about your country, Namibia?

It’s a very beautiful place there is good education. There are so many tribes.

What are some of your goals and dreams? What do you want to be when you grow up?

My goal is to get 3 certificates. I’m dreaming of becoming a doctor.

Who is your hero and why?

My mother because she gave birth to me.

What are some challenges you face, at school or at home?

Math is difficult for me but my friends are helping me.


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