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Swakopmund lagoon birding

Just south of Tiger Reef Restaurant in Swakopmund, Namibia is a very shallow lagoon with a very diverse mix of birds. I identified 13 different species  on the very cold and windy morning that I was there, many of which were new to me.


Blacksmith lapwing

Black-winged stilt

Black-winged stilt


Cape teal


Common moorhen


Common ringed plover


Greater flamingo


Grey heron


Hartlaub’s gull


Lesser flamingo


Pied avocet


Three-banded plover


White-breasted cormorant


White-fronted plover


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Birds of Kavango, Namibia

African harrier-hawk

African harrier-hawk. I spotted this large hawk scoping out the nests of the pigeons who live in the rafters of the abandoned bus garage next door to us. They specialize in eating the eggs and nestlings of other species of birds.

Pied crow

Pied crow. Very similar to the crows of North America, but the white breast of this species makes it look like it is ready to go to a black-tie event.

Lilac-breasted roller

Lilac-breasted roller. A very common species to see on safari in Southern Africa, we featured this colorful bird in a post from Chobe National Park in Botswana. This one was much closer to home and sitting on a basketball backboard just behind our flat on the school campus.

African grey hornbill

African grey hornbill. The third hornbill species I have seen in Africa so far. This one is not as colorful as his cousins but the long, curved bill is somewhat visible here.

African wattled lapwing

African wattled lapwing. I saw this species when I first started birding here but misidentified it as a white-crowned lapwing. This bird is a frequent visitor at Hakusembe River Lodge.

African yellow white-eye

African yellow white-eye. This large tree at Hakusembe was full of flowers, bees and these small yellow birds who rarely stayed still enough for a photo.

Fork -tailed drongo

Fork-tailed drongo. Also at Hakusembe during a recent day trip, I spotted this black-feathered bird.

Arrow-marked babbler

Arrow-marked babbler. One of my better bird photos. This one took me awhile to identify because the coloration was fairly plain but the breast feathers are distinctive and make little arrow points.

Coppery-tailed Coucal

Coppery-tailed coucal. Not a great photo, but this shows the red eye that is common in the African coucal species. This may also be the Senegal coucal. This bird was located in Mahangu Game Park.

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