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Namibia’s Quiver Tree Forest

quiver tree forest

As we prepared to leave Namibia after two years of service as Peace Corps Volunteers and then as tourists for two weeks, one of our final stops was the Quiver Tree Forest near Keetmanshoop in south-central Namibia. This interesting desert landscape contains thousands of quiver trees, a distinctive species of aloe. The lodge and campground also provide a home for a few cheetahs that would have otherwise been killed for attacking livestock. Nearby the Quiver Tree Forest is an area called Giant’s Playground for all of the larger boulders that are stacked upon each other.


A good example of a mature quiver tree. A short walking trail through the trees is located next to the campground.


One of the rescue cheetahs waiting to be fed.


Lisa being the brave one and petting a cheetah at mealtime. She is a crazy cat lady and couldn’t resist. I offered to be the photographer.


One of the larger male cheetahs enjoying a dinner of raw rodent.




Acacia pied barbet


Rosy-faced lovebird


Giant’s playground


The quiver tree forest at sunset. After we watched the sun go down we had our final braai in Namibia.


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