Our Peace Corps Timeline

January 2012 – Started online application for Peace Corps service.

February 2012 – Completed online application.

April 2012 – Submitted college transcripts, fingerprints for background checks, couple questionnaire, other documents.

May 2012 – Interviewed with Peace Corps recruiter. Told we would be nominated but earliest departure time would be March 2013.

June 2012 – Officially nominated for service in Central Asia with mid-April 2013 departure.

August 2012 – Submitted medical pre-screening health history form.

November 2012 – Received email stating we would have to provide documentation for our financial obligations being satisfied during Peace Corps service (mortgage).

January 2013 – Submitted additional paperwork request from placement office (maybe to make sure at this point that nominees still want to move forward).

February 2013 – Followed up with placement office and was told we would here something in the next few weeks.

March 2013 – Officially invited to serve in Namibia departing late July 2013. Completed aspiration statements and updated resumes.

April 2013 – Completed medical and dental examinations and vaccinations.

May 2013 – Both medically cleared.

July 2013 – Depart for Namibia

josh and lisa

Enjoying the view at our local favorite, Kavango River Lodge in Rundu, Namibia.


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