Leaving Africa

We leave Africa today and probably won’t be back for a long time.  😦

So many great things happened here in the two years we lived in Namibia, and the 8 countries we visited. So many firsts:
In Zambia, we swam at the top of Vic falls.
In Namibia, we climbed the oldest dunes in the world.
In all countries, we saw countless animals in the wild.
In Malawi, we swam in the bluest, clearest fresh water lake and jumped into a natural swimming pool at the end of our Mulanje hike.
In Tanzania, we climbed our highest mountain ever and the tallest freestanding mountain in the world.
In South Africa, we “swam” with sharks.

But most of all:
In Namibia, we learned about a new culture, way of life and tried our best to adapt to it.
In Namibia, I learned to cope and grieve for my Dad’s passing.
In Namibia I was challenged daily as an educator and got a real glimpse into life as a learner and teacher in Rundu.

But best of all, in Namibia, we made some of our best American and Namibian friends.

There was a lot of hard stuff too that I haven’t forgotten.

I think back to my 2013 self, the Lisa who was hesitant to click YES and officially join Peace Corps because her assignment was in Africa. I was afraid of all I’d read, seen and heard.

I’m glad I said Yes and saw things for myself. If I had said no, none of these great things would have happened, all the great people I now get to call friends and family would just be strangers.

So during our last few hours here, my reflection is serving as a reminder to push myself always, in small ways and big. The rewards have far outweighed my fears.

Goodbye Africa. Thanks for all the gifts you gave me. I’m really gonna miss you. Hope to see you soon.



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5 responses to “Leaving Africa

  1. Kris Fox

    Your trip has impacted me tremendously opening Africa and Namibia to us here in the states. I have been closer to our Burundian fellowship at my church as a result. Thanks for keeping me aware! Love you cousin! Blessings Kris

  2. Melanie Horton

    Such a beautiful reflection and I am inspired by the choice you made to say “yes”!

  3. Jess

    This was so refreshing to read! I’m blessed to know such an incredible person such as you! It was wonderful to see the photos of this adventurous learning experience you were able to partake in. I’m excited to finally see you back in the states, see more footage, hear all about this journey, and the heartfelt companions you’ve made along the way! Love you, Jess

  4. May Kandenge

    See you soon Josh, for a moment I thought you were Caprivian (Shusko, Simasiku, Simubali) xox! When you come back to Namibia, come to Ovamboland!

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