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Chapter 31 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

At the end of last term, one group of learners decided to write instead of sing or draw about Charlie. They wrote Chapter 31 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (there are 30 chapters in the book).

This chapter was written by my highest performing and best writer in grade 8. Some of the sophisticated vocabulary words were words my learners were tested on each week when we had spelling tests every Friday.

Chapter 31 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Written by Caorline Tokwe. Ideas by Jeremiah, Genevive, Caroline, Gabriela, Christofina, Abigail K and Regina.

It didn’t take long for Charlie, his parents, grandparents, Mr. Wonka and the oompa loompas to adapt to the Chocolate Factory and call it home.

They had a very settled life and spent Christmas donating sweets and candy to the homeless. After Charlie turned 15 Grandma Georgina and Grandpa George had to live in an old age home. Grandpa Jo and Grandma Josephine were old too but they could still do a little work. Soon Mr. Wonka fell ill as well. Mr. and Mrs. Bucket opened a café called The Chocolate River where they sold the best and freshest chocolate from the river in the factory as well as Mr. Wonka’s famous chocolate bars.

Although life was splendid, there were times that Charlie feared that it would not be long before his beloved grandparents and the man he had learned to love and admire the most were soon to fade away.

All these thoughts made Charlie think about making a type of candy so wonderful that it could help old people regain their strength. Mr. Wonka was astounded by this idea but unfortunately could not live to see this magnificent invention start to shape. Mr. Wonka passed on not too long before Charlie began working on this. But before leaving the world, he gave Charlie the name for this candy – the Revitalizor Sweet.

Mr. Wonka was buried in a coffin made from the strongest and hardest type of candy. They had a great ceremony to honor his memory.

After months of working, Charlie had almost finished making Revitalizor. He just needed one more ingredient and this was only to be found on the Island of Red Leaves.

Charlie went to this mysterious island with two of his oompa loompas. Upon arrival it seemed like a peaceful place until they noticed a strange object swinging from the vines. Eventually Charlie noticed that it was a girl swinging.

Charlie was frightened, flabbergasted more than he had ever been. They exchanged greetings and explained his strange arrival to this weird island of isolation. The girl, Tygres, asked how she could accompany him on his journey.

Charlie explained what he was looking for and lucky for him she knew just where to find it. After Charlie took the quantity he needed, he felt like it was his responsibility to take this Tygres with him. He didn’t want to leave her with the tigers. After a few minutes of convincing she agreed to come with him.

The two oompa loompas, Charlie and Tygres went back to the Chocolate Factory. Charlie finished his invention which allowed for old people to regain their strength. After awhile Charlie and Tygres fell in love. Together they carried out many more successful inventions like sweets that make you fall asleep and many more. They lived happily ever after.


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Learners Essays

Proudly Namibian

By Caroline Tokwe Grade 8

Namibians have all got different ways of viewing things. Our beliefs and culture is what makes us unique. The way we shall strive for justice and peace makes us proud. What makes me proud is the vast landscape and beauty of our magnificent land.

We have different religions and come from many different cultural background but we stand by each other like brothers and sisters. Our ability to conserve and protect our natural resources and wild life so that the children of tomorrow can see what we have seen makes us special and even more proud.

What we can make from the dry branches of a tree and from pieces of wire is astounding. Our ability to come together as a nation and make a better tomorrow for our future generations. The long hours of labor and sacrifice we put in to develop our country’s economy.

The ability to change for the better of ourselves and those in our surroundings. How we protect the things that have sentimental value to us and all the little things that make us unite as one big family.

There are many things that make me proud to be a Namibian, even more than what I have written.

My Idea of a Good Life

By Julia Tchipondia Grade 8

A good life for me is having food in my stomach everyday and sleeping in a warm bed everynight.

I am thankful for the little things in life but I also want a car and a house with a pool and lots of nice tables and chairs. All the nice things are nice but money with no love is not worth anything. The good life is when you are healthy and you can play every day.

It is not full of sadness, anger or stress but smiles and happiness every day.

A good life has no problems, sickness and is full of food and love. If you have this every day is a good day, no matter rain, sun or wind.


Essay Exam question was: The Old and the New – While it is important to accept change, we should not entirely reject old customs and new ways. What are your views? Discuss at least two customs/traditions/lifestyles which you feel should be retained and two which you feel should be rejected or changed.

The Old and the New

By Anderson Francisco Grade 8

My views are that we should not entirely reject some old customs and old ways. Old customs and ways can help us survive life in the wild or city.

I really think customs like marrying more than one partner, women staying at home and not working and early marriage must be rejected. As we speak new diseases are infecting and killing people. These customs cause the diseases to spread faster.

The customs I think that should be maintained are boys and men doing manual labor like taking care of cattle, chickens, etc. I also think traditional ways of storing food should be retained. The way we used to store food, food would last up to 1-2 months and still be fresh.

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Learner’s Essays

Proudly Namibian

By Clem Strydom

There are many things in Namibia that I can be proud of but mainly I’m most proud that there is no war in Namibia. Namibia has a lot of natural resources and wild animals. We also have mines which bring in money for the country. We also export and import fish.

Namibia has a wide range of wild animals but as years go most of the animals with vulnerable features are being poached. The government has trained people to protect the animals from the poachers. As for Namibians climate it is the most wonderful with a sunset view.

People all over the world come to Namibia to see our customs and religion. Namibia is a beautiful country. Namibians are kind and will always welcome outsiders with a warm heart.

Namibia has a lot of natural vegetation, our soil is very fertile.

That’s all I know about Namibia.

Proudly Namibian

By Faith Naweses

I’m a proud Namibian because of the fact that Namibia is an independent country. Well I know that Namibia doesn’t have huge buildings and not top quality education, but for what it’s worth I don’t really mind. Just think if we had big buildings and factories everywhere and technology growing everyday, there would be air pollution, lazy people because they rely too much on technology and over population.

My favourite place in Namibia is the Dunes. It’s situated at the road going out of Swakopmund, going to Walvis Bay, just in the middle there. I like sitting on the dunes and watching the sunset across the road where the beautiful blue ocean is.

Namibia is a beautiful country with soothing nature, pleasant smells of fresh air in the morning and the warm feeling of sunrays on your skin. When you’re going to different places in Namibia you get to experience different amazing cultures.

Even though I love my country, I still want to travel out of Namibia and live somewhere else one day.

Proudly Namibian

By Ronaldine Shikukutu

I am proudly Namibian because Namibia is a country with so much to appreciate, from the beauty of the land, the friendly people, the unpolluted air and developed infrastructure.

I was born and raised in Namibia. I like it because it is a peaceful country, and also because we are free from colonial rule. I like the fact that our government is trying so hard to make sure that everyone is educated. This is not the case with other countries. Children do not go to school because of wars and natural disasters.

I am proudly Namibian because I love the air, space, nature and oceans. In Namibia we have freedom of speech. When people come to Namibia they enjoy their stay because of the wild animals, people and delicious traditional dishes.

My Idea of a Good Life

By Victor Naweseb

A good life is a healthy and positive life. It is when you have time for yourself and time to exercise and socialize. To be young, wild and free.

If you have a good life you are independent. You own your own house and car. You don’t struggle in life. I would like to go on wild expeditions, travelling the world with either a best friend or girlfriend/wife. Well I would also like to have a child but later on in life.

I want to start my own business, for example a shopping mall, manufacturing company or a lodge. I want to help my family live happily on a great living standard. So if I own all these businesses I’ll employ my family and make it a family business.

To be famous is not what I want, I’d rather choose to be well-known. I just want to be me at all times. I also want less responsibilities. That is my idea of a good life.

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Learner’s Essays

Namibia the Land of the Brave

By Ebben Ndatipo

The most wonderful thing about Namibia is its beautiful, gracious and remarkable people of its nation. Namibia is a home to many tribes like a rainbow. Namibia has many different tribes with different cultures and beliefs.

Namibia is divided into fourteen rich regions with many rich natural fresh clean water. Our fertile soil has natural vegetation and minerals. You can find diamonds, copper, silver, gold and uranium in Namibia.

Namibia is known to have the oldest deserts, the Namib and Kalahari desert. Namibia is a developing country, meaning it is the process of developing. We depend mostly on agriculture and imported products. Namibia exports salt and fish which makes a very large profit.

Namibia is a beautiful country with a lot of towns and natural resources. It has one of the best brewing companies. It has a very fair constitution. I am proud to be Oshiwambo-speaking and I have many reasons to be a proud Namibian.

My Idea of a Good Life

By Joy Naweses

My idea of a good life will probably sound weird when I tell you but let me just tell you. Well it’s to live a life as a vampire, but not just any type of vampire. I will be an extraordinary vampire with a little twist.

To be a vampire will fill your life with excitement, adventure, drama, heartbreak and romance until something terrible and unexpected happens. On the night of a full moon I felt the urge for blood and immediately I went hunting for my prey.

For a moment I lost my mind but during daylight I lost control of myself. That’s when I saw it. They say vampires can not see their reflection but this time I did. If only others saw what I saw will die immediately on the spot. The teeth, eyes, ears, skin and nails were so amazing and terrifying at the same time.

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Absenteeism in Namibian Schools

On any given day in any given week, I have between 10-20 learners missing in my classes. It makes it teaching and giving grades challenging. Grade 11 learner Moerisha J. //Hoeses sheds light on the problem. (the // in her name are pronounced as clicks).

Absenteeism is a problem in Namibian schools

By Moerisha J. //Hoeses

Each and every learner can be absent from school when sick, having a long-term illness or an appointment. Health is more important than school, however, it becomes a problem when a learner is continuously absent and not performing well academically.

When a learner stops attending school he/she tends to fail due to missing out valuable lessons given by teachers. Teachers are the people who shape learner’s lives. Teachers are there to explain to learners and to teach them what they cannot do on their own. For this reason getting an explanation from a teacher is very crucial.

Absensteeism leads to failure of learners in Namibian schools. African parents can also take the blame for the absenteeism catastrophe. Children at home are given alternatives, whether to stay at home, wash dishes, get a job or go to school with a hungry stomach because money is used for school fees. Instead of being inspiring, innovative and encouraging, they are deceptive and heinous.

Absenteeism increases the risk of dropouts and more criminal activities and behaviour. Catching up in school isn’t easy.

In conclusion, absenteeism is a bad habit that has to be stopped and dealt with. To many poor African kids it’s not their problem for not going to school as they are given impossible alternatives by their parents. As we all know the saying “education is the key to success”. Attending school is very important and crucial for success.

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Why I’m Proud to be Namibian by Ernestine Nkotongo, Grade 9

Learners were asked to write an essay of 200-250 words describing why they are proud to be Namibian.

Proudly Namibian

By Ernestine Nkotongo

I am proud of Namibia because I feel safe and Namibia is my home. My ancestors were born here, raised here and also died here. This land is the foundation of my tribe I will always be proud to be Namibian.


I am proud of Namibia because we have our rights. Our heroes fought for our independence and we are not a democratic country, our rights are protected by the law. The fact that every Namibian child has the right to go to school makes me proud too. Other countries do not have this freedom.

Natural Beauty

Namibia is the land of the brave and it is very beautiful. The landscaps, the dunes, the rivers, the animals and the ocean are incredible. We have the most wild animals in Africa.


We have the perfect climate. It rains in the rainy season and that is important because people need water for farming. It is cold in winter and warm in the summer. Flowers blossom in the spring.

Cultural achievements

Namibia’s history is very interesting and if you study too much of it you might want revenge because of the injustice against the people of Namibia. Instead we forgive, but we will never forget. Our tribes are different from each other. Each tribe has special food dishes and beliefs and values.

Namibia’s progress

Namibia has open space. This means we will be able to build new schools and hospitals eventually. Namibia is developing step by steph.

“One nation one Namibia” it comes from the middle point of my heart.


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Discipline Needed in Namibia by Keanda Forbes, Grade 11

Overcrowded schools and overworked teachers are just two of the reasons discipline is a challenge in Namibia. Keanda describes her ideas to help improve the problem.

Discipline Systems at Namibian Schools

By Keanda Forbes

What is discipline? This is a form or way in which a certain individual behaves due to their well-trained characteristics. Personally, I value discipline because it brings peace and understanding between people. The only problem is not everyone is disciplined.

The discipline at our school is lacking so much that is actually feels like it has no presence at our school. Learners walk around with shirts untucked and play soccer during periods, disturbing the learners who actually want to learn. These disrespectful acts made by learners is a clear sign that discipline is a huge problem. The benefits of having a discipline plan in place would be appreciated by learners. Some of the benefits include job opportunities and respect.

As bad as it may seem, it is possible to improve discipline among learners. The first would have to be group conference. Gathering a few number of learners and advising them to help set up activities to help others. Disciplinary camps can be set up to motivate learners to improve.

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