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African Wild Dogs at Erindi

One of the big highlights of our holiday travels was to see African wild dogs at Erindi Game Reserve. They are referred to as hyper-carnivores as a pack will usually hunt twice a day for food. These dogs have a very high rate of success as predators. Unfortunately, outside of protected areas they are frequently killed due to their appetite for prey, including livestock. They are also highly susceptible to domestic dog diseases such as mange and rabies. Only about 6,600 wild dogs remain in the world.

Erindi has had a difficult time introducing wild dogs in the past, but the current pack is thriving. The dogs like to sleep under trees and during one storm a few years ago, most of one pack was killed when the tree they were sheltering under was struck by lightning.

This pack was initially kept in an enclosure near the main Erindi lodge and then released nearby so they hunt mainly in this territory, allowing visitors a great opportunity to see these animals up close. All of these photos were taken 1km or less from the lodge.

African wild dogs

African wild dogs beginning the hunt.

African wild dogs

The younger dogs trail the older ones as they pick up the scent of wildebeast.

African wild dogs

Taking a short break, the fence around the Erindi lodge is visible.

African wild dogs

We missed the kill but got there just as the pack began their feast.

African wild dogs

Family photo at the wildebeast dinner.

African wild dogs

They don’t clean themselves before, during or after meals, so the dogs have a very strong odor.

African wild dog

We were not tempted to pet this guy.

Wild dogs

Sharing a wildebeast rack of ribs.


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